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Simplify your audience and media intelligence process with the TelmarHelixa connected product suite:

  • Interact with over 4 billion consumers
  • Explore millions of topics
  • Access to 300+ consumer surveys
  • Covering 66 global markets

We look forward to showcasing the Scale, Speed, Precision, and Impact TelmarHelixa has to offer. 

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Maximize Efforts Across an Ideal Set of Channels

Achieve the greatest impact for any research data, content, or media investment — with TelmarHelixa.

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TelmarHelixa solutions make our client work a lot more efficient as our teams only need to be trained up on one platform.


TelmarHelixa are adept at providing us with effective survey and analytical tools, with strong customer service backup, and development ideas.


TelmarHelixa is a fabulous company to work with, they are innovative in their approach and always open to new ideas.


Working with Helixa helps us produce some of the most strategic work we've done to date, and it is a testament to its ease-of-use that sometimes I find myself enjoying the time I spend in their platform.

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It would take multiple tools to replace the deeper insights I can uncover with Discover. I can even layer in offline behavior ... all without leaving the platform.


The demand for new and niche content is insane and only growing. Our partnership with Helixa has proven to be a game-changer when it comes to identifying opportunities fast.

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Discover elevates our holistic research strategy and accelerates our strategic process. With (this) platform, we can identify, ideate, and execute against new audiences at the pace our business demands.


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