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We Are...
Relentless Innovators

Backed by TelmarHelixa's 50+ years of success and proven innovations, our solutions allow our clients to thrive amidst constant change and drive sustained growth for their business.

We are... Passionate About our Clients Winning.

TelmarHelixa delivers unrivaled audience insights that deepen the world’s understanding of culture so leaders can make smarter decisions and media investments to achieve the greatest impact for their brands.

We are... Obsessed with Insights

Our audience and media intelligence solutions, comprised of over 4 billion consumer insights and 300+ consumer, media, and proprietary research releases, enable our clients to quickly understand people and culture at scale. Effortlessly navigate the complexities of reaching audiences across a fragmented media landscape, ensure the fidelity of audiences, and prioritize the efficiency of your ad spend across disconnected Restech, Martech, and Adtech ecosystems all  while safeguarding privacy.

We are... Obsessed with Insights

We Are... Committed to our Global Community 

For over 50+ years TelmarHelixa has been committed to solving the globes biggest data and technology challenges. Our physical presence in eight of the world's largest consumer markets affords us the ability to forge the most meaningful and impactful data partnerships. Resulting in the industry largest data repository specifically curated to uniquely serve clients in 66 global markets.

Who we are

Audience and Media Intelligence Innovators

TelmarHelixa is on a mission to help clients connect brands to consumers through unparalleled insights.

Constant Innovators

Constant Innovation

First-mover innovations that set the new standard in audience intelligence, specifically tailored to your business needs.



Recognized throughout the industry as the gold-standard in global data integrations and media planning solutions.

Insight Generators

Insight Generators

We provide clients with the channels and metrics that provide the greatest impact at the pace demanded by today’s world.

The TelmarHelixa Impact

Navigate the Fragmented Consumer Landscape

Powered by our patented data fusion engine and enriched by our deep industry expertise, we unlock unrivalled audience insights that deliver actionable intelligence that matter most to your business. 

Our journey

We are... Constantly Evolving

We've learned a lot over the past 50 years. Here are some of the milestones that have shaped our understanding of people and made TelmarHelixa the most trusted audience and media intelligence solution in the world. 


Dynamic marketer and entrepreneur Stanley P. Federman founded Telmar in New York City. The company is the first to introduce the timesharing system.


Telmar developed the first mathematical models to update syndicated research and integrate primary reader studies with total audience studies.


Telmar opened the first media school at their Head Office in New York and they released the first online media billing and payment system, called SpotTrack. London office opened.


Significant developments occurred from the first programmable calculator-based planning system to releasing microcomputer-based media planning and PC cross-tabbing systems.


Telmar became IBM’s first Value Added Dealer for the advertising industry. Johannesburg office opened.


Through the “Telmar Magna Carta,” the company challenges for, and wins the rights for third-party software suppliers to collect and process data from research suppliers.


Telmar releases the first integrated marketing system for PCs and Mac computers and later on  becomes the first media company to develop a web presence through and

1990s was born and Hong Kong, Canada, and The Netherlands offices opened.


Telmar wins the Traffic  Audit Bureau (TAB) global RFP for outdoor media measurement. The company also introduces Research Guru, a Google-like search, analysis, and reporting platform.


In 2004, Telmar acquired the Paris-based revenue management company PeakTime and Canadian based Harris Media Systems. Paris, Warsaw and Shanghai offices opened.


Telmar releases SurveyTime, an online based drag-and-drop crosstabing system as well as AutoGrafix, an advanced data visualization software solution.


Helixa was born and New York & Milan offices opened.


Holding company LiiV acquired Telmar, which it combined with its existing subsidiary, Splashlight.


Telmar acquires Helixa.  The acquisition expanded Telmar’s media planning and audience analysis capabilities through the addition of Helixa’s platform, IP and AI capabilities


Telmar and Helixa become one with a dynamic rebranding initiative, complete with a fresh logo and revitalized product lineup developed to meet the evolving demands of the future.

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MaMaximize the research data you have access to by using TelmarHelixa's range
Maximize the research data you have access to by using TelmarHelixa's range
of innovative insights and planning solutions.