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Plan with the Channels and Metrics that Matter to You

Our proprietary methodology uniquely enriches industry leading channel and measurement data to determine the most effective reach for your cross-media campaign investments. 


An Unrivaled Solution for
Cross-Channel Media Investment Strategies

Plan is specifically engineered to maximize efficiency in strategic media campaign investments. Our unrivaled global data hub is your entry to the industry's largest global database and the ability to select the channels and metrics that are as unique as your target audience. Optimize your investment strategies across multiple scenarios in seconds to ensure the greatest impact and ROAS.

Create Traditional
and Digital  Audiences
in Seconds

Seamlessly combine digital and traditional media audiences to provide a holistic understanding of target audience attributes across channels, enabling unified strategies, refined targeting, and efficiencies across media channels. Create impactful, personalized campaigns to achieve the greatest return on media investment. 

Combine Digital and Traditional Audiences With Ease
Build and Evaluate Media Plans Using a Single Media Currency

Achieve the Highest
ROAS with Advanced Optimizations 

Our advanced proprietary algorithms optimize the unique reach building characteristics of digital and traditional media enabling you to achieve greatest impact and create efficient cross-media plans that deliver the highest possible ROAS. 

The Industry's
Largest Media
Data Hub

Tap into our expansive network to harmonize media currencies across 30+ digital and traditional touchpoints. Our partnerships with the industry's leading data providers allows you to combine the studies important to your business and develop cross-media plans as unique as your audience. 

Gain Access to the Largest Research Data Hub

Optimize Your Plans
With The Industry's
First ESG Scores

Utilize the metrics that matter to you and your business. Integrate ESG data into your media campaigns to align your brand values, financial objectives, and campaign goals to drive the impact your brand demands. 

Key Features

One Platform to Solve All Your Cross-Channel Media Planning Challenges

Leverage a single data-neutral solution to optimize media investments with various currencies 
into one harmonized media strategy.

Multi-Media Reach and Frequency Planning

Reach and Frequency Planning

Reduce advertising investment inefficiencies by planning multi-media reach and frequency metrics that leverage your specified audience targets.


Instant Media Performance Visualizations

Quickly identify the most effective media types and channel contributions for campaigns through data visualizations that make decisions related to reach, GRP, and frequency easier and faster.

Dynamic Channel Selection

Dynamic Cross
Channel Selection Metrics

Save time, empower your team, and achieve better results with the ability to assess the reach potential of media channels before developing your campaigns. 

Valuable Frequency Capping

Valuable Frequency Capping

Ensure effective ad exposure without repeated flightings in specific timeframes. Frequency capping enhances brand recall, improves user experience, and ensures effective budget management.


Flexible Scenario Comparisons

Quickly adapt to changing market dynamics with the ability to explore and compare diverse combinations of channels, budgets, and targeting parameters.

Custom Template Creation

Custom Template Creation

Design custom audience and media channel selection template accessible to all members of your organization, streamlining tasks and eliminating redundancy.

Maximize Efforts Across an Ideal Set of Channels

Achieve the greatest impact for any research data, content, or media investment — with TelmarHelixa.

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TelmarHelixa solutions make our client work a lot more efficient as our teams only need to be trained up on one platform.


TelmarHelixa are adept at providing us with effective survey and analytical tools, with strong customer service backup, and development ideas.


TelmarHelixa is a fabulous company to work with, they are innovative in their approach and always open to new ideas.


Working with Helixa helps us produce some of the most strategic work we've done to date, and it is a testament to its ease-of-use that sometimes I find myself enjoying the time I spend in their platform.

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It would take multiple tools to replace the deeper insights I can uncover with Discover. I can even layer in offline behavior ... all without leaving the platform.


The demand for new and niche content is insane and only growing. Our partnership with Helixa has proven to be a game-changer when it comes to identifying opportunities fast.

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Discover elevates our holistic research strategy and accelerates our strategic process. With (this) platform, we can identify, ideate, and execute against new audiences at the pace our business demands.


Make the most of your media planning investment.

Maximize the research data you have access to by using TelmarHelixa's range of innovative insights and planning solutions.