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Explore and Extract More From Your Research Investments

Leverage an easy-to-use, data neutral analytics platform to mine and combine data from large consumer, brand, and media research datasets so you can streamline decision-making.


Drive More Value From Your Research Investments

With access to over 300+ research releases and features such as, first party data ingestion, trademarked data integrations, and advanced data transformations, EXPLORE enables you to quickly uncover critical and strategic insights for the B2C or B2B advertising ecosystem.

Proven, Trademarked
Data Enrichment

Extract key insights from extensive, self-reported consumption surveys with minimal coding requirements. Accelerate decision-making and refine strategies in today’s complex and rapidly evolving consumer landscape.


Customized Data Visualization in

Get faster insights through one-click custom data visualizations. Effortlessly create presentations that help stakeholders quickly and easily track metrics, identify trends, and communicate insights so they can make better decisions faster.  

Get Advanced Statistics
with One Click

Unlock vital insights for strategic decision-making through integrated statistical analysis. Empower your teams to understand consumer behavior, identify nuanced audience segments, and better position your brand in competitive markets.

Get Advanced Statistics with One Click

Drive Deep Consumer Insights Through Data Transformation

Apply advanced data integrations and transformations to gain deeper insights into how consumer touchpoints and behavior influence purchasing decisions and media engagement. Extract valuable insights to empower your business to fine-tune strategies, enhance marketing efforts, and align more effectively with consumer profiles and preferences. 

Key Features

Customized Marketing Strategies

Explore is an independent, enterprise grade insights solution that empowers you to transform data into bespoke insights and statistical analyses tailored specifically for your marketing challenges.

Deepest ResTech Data Hub

Deepest ResTech
Data Hub

Maximize your data investment with a data-neutral approach. Access global subscription-based research datasets and apply the industry's only dynamic survey integration technology.


Position Key Data Attributes

Map key data variables so you are better positioned to make strategic business decisions that impact branding, market positioning, and media behavior.

Powerful Data Visualization

Powerful Data Visualizations

Uncover impactful insights with intuitive visuals such as heatmaps to quickly identify areas of interest, facilitate comparative analysis and discover key influential data variables.

Fine Tune Segmentation with N-Tiles

Fine Tune Segmentation with N-Tiles

Enable precise n-tile segmentation based on data groupings. Quickly identify patterns, outliers, and trends, so you can optimize strategies, target consumer segments, and enhance strategic targeting.

Simple Drag-and-Drop Functionality

Simple Drag-and-Drop Functionality

This intuitive capability enhances efficiency, flexibility, and accessibility to simplify coding tasks and reduce the learning curve — resulting in streamlined workflows and increased productivity for all.

One Platform Data Loading and Insights

One Platform Data Loading and Insights

Experience seamless integration that bridges data loading, proprietary research, and insights analysis. This interoperability guarantees full control over your data and speed-to-market insight.

Maximize Efforts Across an Ideal Set of Channels

Achieve the greatest impact for any research data, content, or media investment — with TelmarHelixa.

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TelmarHelixa solutions make our client work a lot more efficient as our teams only need to be trained up on one platform.


TelmarHelixa are adept at providing us with effective survey and analytical tools, with strong customer service backup, and development ideas.


TelmarHelixa is a fabulous company to work with, they are innovative in their approach and always open to new ideas.


Working with Helixa helps us produce some of the most strategic work we've done to date, and it is a testament to its ease-of-use that sometimes I find myself enjoying the time I spend in their platform.

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It would take multiple tools to replace the deeper insights I can uncover with Discover. I can even layer in offline behavior ... all without leaving the platform.


The demand for new and niche content is insane and only growing. Our partnership with Helixa has proven to be a game-changer when it comes to identifying opportunities fast.

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Discover elevates our holistic research strategy and accelerates our strategic process. With (this) platform, we can identify, ideate, and execute against new audiences at the pace our business demands.


Experience the low-to-no-code, data neutral, global insights solution first hand

Maximize the research data you have access to by using TelmarHelixa's range of innovative insights and planning solutions.